Printable Dinosaur Masks Templates (free)

Raawr! I’m a Dinosaur!

I hope you (and your kids) will have lots of fun playing with these printable dinosaur masks!

I’ve made Triceratops and T-rex (well it can be used as a raptor too!).

Printable Dinosaur Masks Templates (free)

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Printable Dinosaur Masks Templates

We were preparing a geological workshop for kids a few years back and kids, as you probably guessed, get most excited about dinosaurs and love to mimic them (lots of RAAWRS!) – with masks this will be even easier.

Dinosaur masks to Color T-rex

Dinosaur masks to Color Triceratops

This will be perfect for a dino birthday party or with any other dino related activity!

Pre-colored masks can be fun but I think kids can make them even more awesome if they color them by themselves – we can have glittersaurs, pinkasaurs, pastasaurs…

Printable Dinosaur Mask Template - T-Rex version 1

Printable Dinosaur Mask Template - T-Rex version 2

Printable Dinosaur Mask Template - Triceratops version 2

The sky is the limit!

Get the mask templates here

Get you free printable Dinosaur Masks Templates here.

Get you free printable Dinosaur Masks Templates to Color here.