Free Printable Dolphin Coloring Pages

Let’s swim with the dolphins shall we?

These are also one of my favorite animals so creating these dolphin coloring pages to print was a joy for me.

Printable Dolphin Coloring Sheets For Kids

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Now even if I’m a fan and have been as a kid too I’m almost ashamed to admit it was only recently when I found out Orca’s are a part of the dolphin family too.

I foolishly believed they were whales for a long time.

That said, this marine mammal is one of the more popular sea creatures with kids (boys do like sharks a lot though) so I do hope they will like coloring my creations.

Free Printable Dolphin Coloring Pages

I’ve created 4 sheets for you to print, the one where two dolphins play with the ball being my favourite.

You can print these and use them at home or in the classroom but do not post them online (you are free to link to this page though).

These all have your regular bottle nose dolphins on them (no killer whales on these ones, yet ;).

They work great for pure coloring fun or as an aid in marine animal or dolphin unit study (as a part of worksheets for the younger ones).

These are in PDF format (if you want these in another format do let me know in the comments section bellow) – when you click on the “download file” the file will open in your browser and you can print it straight away or save it by right clicking your mouse and choosing save as).

That’s it!

Get these free printable Dolphin Coloring Pages here.