Easter Party Supplies

It’s time for an Easter party! Egg hunt or a birthday I do hope you’ll love these party supplies.

Easter Party Supplies
I still remember my first Easter egg hunt. It was amazing!

It was held at my parents friend’s house and there was a lot of children.

Everything was beautifully decorated and I still remember the pink and blue bunting welcoming us to start the hunt. Well the hunt probably wasn’t well planned as we were supposed to find a treat bag with our name on it and half of the kids were just too excited when they found a bag they didn’t care which name was on it (which is totally understandable) and I remember how confused I was when I got a treat with someone else’s name on it and I was told it was mine anyway :).

Searching for the treats was awesome!

Free Printable Easter Party Supplies

So I’ve got these free printable party supplies to share with you! You’ll find a cute invite (just write in all the details for your party), party squares (which you can cut like circles), bottle labels and two different kinds of banners.

Grab theĀ Easter Party Supplies