Easter Word Search Puzzles

Easter Word Search Puzzles!

Easter word search puzzles will keep the kids busy for a while and at the same time have them practice reading (amongst other things).

Easter Word Search Puzzles

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These are graeat for just passing some time. I literately could do dozens a day when I was a kid – I loved solving them that much – and to be honest things haven’t changed much now when I’m an adult!

Let’s have some fun!

Easter Word Search Puzzles Worksheets

So let’s search for Easter bunnies and eggs, or chicks and daffodils!

There are quite a few words to be found on these word search puzzles and as they are not to hard they are appropriate for kids of (almost) all ages.

There are 6 different puzzles (all with the same words though as there really aren’t that many “Eastery” words to choose from) – I couldn’t just make one!

If you’re kids really like solving these then they probably won’t mind finding the same words over again.

These are also great for classroom setting as kids that sit at the same table or close to each other can have different versions.

I do recommend laminating them, especially if you’ll use them in the classroom setting as this way they can be used over and over again!

Easter Word Search Puzzles

Grab these free printable Easter Word Search Puzzles here.