Fairy Coloring Pages

Let’s Fly Away to the Realm of Magic!

Everybody needs some magic in their life, kids and adults alike!

While kids can make their world magical by themselves, parents need to work a bit harder to get “magic” to work but you can try starting with these fairy coloring pages ;).

When I think about magic fairies are the first thing that comes to mind (unicorns taking the number two spot) and I personally am a fan!

I love it when we do fairy activities of any kind, be it constructing a brand new fairy house (we have lots and lots of those), making cute mini furniture, having a fairy tea party or coloring coloring pages.

It’s something I have fallen in love with as a kid and I do hope the love for these magical creatures will spread :).

So let’s fly away into the world of coloring magic shall we?

Fairy Coloring Pages

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I’ve created 3 sets of these and because of a lack of a better name labelled them “easy”, “medium” and “hard” – each of them with having different skill levels.

All together there are 16 different images (at the moment).

“Easy” Fairy Coloring Pages

4 sheets just waiting to be colored.

These little ladies are meant for the smallest of the hands as shapes are pretty basic and there isn’t a lot of small details.

Grab these “Easy” Fairy Coloring Pages here.

“Medium” Fairy Coloring Pages

Moving forward we have 4 medium sheets with a bit more details so these are better suited for kids with some coloring practice already.

There are more details on the wings and on the dresses but these are still fairy easy to work with.

Grab these “Medium” Fairy Coloring Pages here.

“Hard” Fairy Coloring Pages

Last but not least we have 8 great sheets perfect for “experienced” kids and of course kids at heart (hint, hint).

These have lots of details, especially on their butterfly wings and have lots of possibilities on creating something truly magical.

Get these “Hard” Fairy Coloring Pages here.