Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Reading Worksheets for Kids

I really like creating reading comprehension worksheets, especially if they require me to come up with a fictional story – I feel almost like a true author then!
As educational systems in English speaking countries and different States can vary quite a bit you might need to go up or down a grade to get the worksheets that work best for your kid.

These are created to help with reading and understanding skills in a fun stress free way and should be used in addition to other activities (reading books is always the best!).

Keep it fun and simple for the kids.

Let the reading begin!



Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Worksheets

These have been created for kids in the age range from 5 to 6 – some will find them super easy some will find them hard – it’s all OK as kids develop different skills at different ages.

These worksheets mainly have super short sentences which kids need to connect to an object they describe.

For example the sentence would be “The tree is big.” and they would need to connect that sentence to the image of the tree. There are also those that have directions for coloring – simple sentences like “the boy has a red hat” and kids have to color the hat accordingly.

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First Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Things get a bit tougher here! The age group these are aimed for is 6 to 7, again some will have no issues with them and some will find them hard. Kids will have to read a short story or a poem (or you will read it to them for listening comprehension) and then they have to answer a few questions about the story – either by writing down a short answer or by marking the correct answer.

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