Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Lots of Great Gifts & Toys for 1 Year Olds – Cool Ideas for Boys and Girls

Browse through these baby and parent approved picks of gifts for one year olds.

Since I first wrote the gift guide for 1 year old boys there have been many 1st birthday celebrations (both baby girls and boys) so I had a chance (along with the happy parents) to see what the little bundles of joy really enjoy.

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Let’s Get Constructing & Stacking! Toys That Every 1 Year Old Should Have

We’ve reached a consensus! Building toys that allow open ended play are awesome! Kids love them and they are great for their development. You can never go wrong with these.
Building Blocks
Your baby can never have enough building blocks! They are great for their creativity and fine motor skills and they will never get fed up with them. Another great thing about this gift is if you are buying this for someone else’s child there will be no harm done if someone else also gets them – you know the more the merrier which can’t be said for many other toys.

Stacker is another must have toys as it helps kids learn about sizes and colors amongst other things. It’s great for their motor skills and will keep them busy as they try their best to stack it in the correct order. There are quite a few different ones available but personally I fell in love with this one – looks great and it’s quite unique wouldn’t you agree?

Pull Toy
Hedgehog pull toy? Beyond adorable!

Ride On Racer
Some of 12 month olds can already walk (and wobble) but most will be getting on their feet in the months to come. Now while walking is fun riding a racer is a whole another thing! Super fun! They can ride it on their own or with your help either way this USA made rider will help them develop good coordination, learn independence all while having lots of fun.

Play Table – My Favourite Pick
I fell in love with this activity table the minute I saw it – just look at the colors and all of the magical activities it offers. The little ones will have hours of (learning) fun while they are around this table! Music, colors, fine motor skill development, letters, numbers, problem solving and fun. This awesome table has it all!

Learning Piggy Bank
Another adorable pick – the learning piggy bank. This piggy bank helps your baby learn about sizes, colors,animals and eventually numbers and counting. The baby will love putting the beautiful and colorful coins into the slot over and over again.  And that’s not all this lovely toy also plays music and sounds to make learning even more fun.

Poppity-Pop Musical Dino
General experience with this toy is that babies can’t get enough of it. The handle is easy to hold so they are usually taking it along with them as they wobble about.

You can set the music volume which also makes this one a parent friendly toy :).

Soft Blocks
Another fun gift for 1 year olds – soft building blocks. Babies can stack them in order to build various structures or they can play matching games with them – these offer quite a few. They can put together animal halves, count and match shapes. Great for fine and gross motor skills, sensory development, creativity…

Mozart Magic Cube
Something for the future composer. This cube teaches the kids how different sounds combine together to make music which I think is pretty cool. It features 5 instruments – violin, flute, piano, harp, French horn and “orchestra”. It combines these sounds to create 8 Mozart’s masterpieces.

It’s never too early to give a book. The love for books starts at young ages and a book like Sunny Day Come and Play is pefect for babies and toddlers. It’s soft so kids will be able to play with it and it’s interactive which will keep them engaged. A perfect first book.