Gifts for 2 Year Olds

We are sharing a whole bunch of wonderful gift ideas with you today. Browse through these baby and parent approved picks of gifts for two year olds – boys and girls.

Either if they are just turning two or are wobbling towards three you will find some great gifts for them on this list.

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Let’s Play with a Few Toys That Every 2 Year Old Should Have

We’ve reached a consensus! Building toys that allow open ended play are awesome! Kids love them and they are great for their development. You can never go wrong with these. Fun playsets full of activities will make them super happy to + they will love to play with them for years to come.
Little People City Skyway – Top Pick
This is an absolute winner that will keep your toddler busy for hours (and years to come). There’s so much fun to be had with this toy – add a few more Little Pople cars and the fun only multiplies. They will love placing the cars on top of the Skyway and watching them hurdle down the track over and over again (and they can even change the path of the cars with switches on the track).

Monster Bowling
Soft and fluffy and funny looking bowling game will be the cause for many giggles. These are fun to play with in so many ways (toddlers can certainly get creative) but as far as bowling goes this is a great toy to develop coordination. Why not show your kids monsters are fun!

Magnet Bead Maze 
Guide the little balls across the maze with the help of magnetic wand. A great way to work on their coordination and one of the best toys to take with you on car trips.

T-Ball Set
Lets hit that ball! Well at least try to in the beginning. This toy is great to get the little ones interested in this sport as well as work on their coordination.

This one is a must! You know why I say this? I’ve gone through quite a few of toys growing up and most of them I don’t remember but if you ask me about my Trike I can remember getting it like it was yesterday and riding it way past the “age recommended” age. There are many different versions available – girly, boyish and neutral so I’m sure you’ll find just the right one.

Aquadoodle Draw and Doddle
They are becoming little artist at this age and can draw a variety of things now – owls, flowers, humans, cars, cats, moon and the stars – admittedly everything looks pretty much alike (well at least that was the case with our 2 year old). This Draw and Doddle mat will let them draw pictures over and over again – saving on paper (yay nature) and and not messing up the room with colors (yay for mom or dad).

A Book
Some two year olds can already recognize a number or a letter but reading is still not their thing (and it shouldn’t be) but this is the best time to “grow a reader”. A book is a great gift and they will enjoy the time you spend with them reading the book to them. Educational books (like numbers and letters) are great and so are simple fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

SmartMax Set
I strongly believe every child (all ages) should always have a toy that lets them build and be creative either building blocks or any other form of construction toys. Something like SmartMax that lets them explore structures and build amazing creations.

Alphabet Coloring Book

How about a brand new coloring book that will also help them with their ABC’s. Once they get interested in letters… In the meantime they can just color away!
Drum Set
Something for the little drummer boy or the little drummer girl. Music is important for their development and this is our favourite musical toy.

Fun Playsets Always Make great Gifts
There’s some magic in playsets and as far as ones for toddlers go Little People series has some super awesome ones – like this Animal Sounds farm (they also have princess, Batman, astronauts and many, many more to choose from). These playsets are made for toddlers so there are no small parts and each of the figures is easy to hold with little hands. Plus it plays all kinds of animal sounds and music – what’s not to love?