Kindergarten Spring Printables

Time to welcome spring

Spring is already in full bloom so this is the perfect time to share some fun Spring themed printables for your young ones to have fun with.

These printables are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Lets have some fun!

Free Pritnable Spring themed printable pack

Get Free Spring Printables Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten

The free pack has 5 pages

Butterflies, ladybugs, rain clouds, frogs, birds and umbrellas are the signs of the season.

The first sheet is showing the butterflies with a number written on them.

Recognize the number and color the right amount of these cute creatures. Kids can choose their own colors to paint them.

Next one is a well-known spy game. Explore and count how many girls, frogs, flowers and butterflies do you see and circle the right number below.

The third working sheet is a low-case word tracing practice.

Encourage your children to also recognize the image and to trace the letters nicely.

Next one is meant for scissor practice but it can also be fun for tracing the lines.

Kids can first trace these lines and then cut them with scissors.

And the last in this lovely pack is another word practice sheet. Recognize the pictures and circle the first letter of each image.

Solve the spring themed working sheets, have fun with your little ones and encourage them to also name the objects in the outdoors.

Spring themed printable pack

Get your free printable Kindergarten Spring Printables here.