Learning Numbers 1 to 10

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Prepare your kids for some fun counting and number learning with this cool and Free Learning Numbers to 10 printable pack.

Getting to know the numbers is always an important part of each young learner, so take a look and print out this cool number learning pack with numbers to 10.

These cool printables are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

This lovely free pack has 5 pages.


Learning Numbers 1 to 10

Learning Numbers 1 to 10

On the first page, kids have to match the written number with the animals on the left and right side with a line.

The next page is a cool memory game. Print out these 20 cards, strengthen your memory skills and have some fun with numbers.

On the next page, there is a fun I spy game. Count the foxes, tigers, lions and hippos and circle the right number beside.

On the fourth page, there is an adorable maze. Follow the right order of numbers from one to ten and solve it.

On the last page, there are empty circles to be filled with the right number. Each row starts with a different number, so have a go and encourage your kids to count out loud and write the missing number.

Have fun, learn with your kids the numbers and keep on practicing.

Learning Numbers 1 to 10 Free Printable

Get your free printable Learning Numbers 1 to 10 here.