Math Board Games for Kids

Math Learning Board Games

   Ah numbers… They can give headaches… But let’s make things a bit more fun with the help of math board games! There are quite a few of them out there and they will help your kids learn – this list features some of the more awesome ones that kids really enjoy to play (nothing better than sneaky learning).

  If you have an early learner in your house and are working on counting do check the board games for 3 year olds as quite a few of them focus on counting (I will skip counting on this list).

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Addition and Subtraction Board Games

Sum Swamp

This is an excellent game to start with as it has simple addition and subtraction equations only dealing with numbers 1 to 6.

Kids will have to add and subtract to work their way to the finish and since this is a pretty fast paced game that ends pretty quicly so kids won’t get feed up playing it.

This one is loved by parents and teachers!

Addition and Subtraction Card Game

This game is perfect for Grade 1 (but some younger kids will be able to play it without problems too).

The game includes 90 math cards with (all answers are with numbers up to 10) and with two levels of play and 3 different game modes this one is guaranteed to entertain them and help them learn for a while.

Sequence Num6ers

Ready for double digits? This fun game is right for you (and yes, your kids :).

As with other Sequence games you’ve got your question (equation) on the cards and the answer on the board – once you’ve got the right answer you place your chip on the field with the answer – and once you’ve got 5 chips you’ve got a Sequence (aka win) .

Head Full Of Numbers

This is one of the games I like the most as it can be used for all kinds of mathematical problems – you can start with addition and subtraction and later on when the kids know how expand the game to also include multiplication, dividing, sequences… You can easily tailor the game to tailor your kids needs.

The funky head makes this game really, really interesting for kids – the rules are pretty simple – shake, roll and create (correct) math equations from the given numbers (before time runs out).

Learning Place Value

Dino Math Tracks

Let the dinosaurs help with the face value… As you know where there are dinosaurs there is fun!

This game reinforces counting, adding, subtracting and face value (with thousands).

Multiplication and Dividing


First I’d like to note they also have a addition and subtraction version.

Learning multiplication facts can make life a lot easier although at first it does make life hard :). This game will help with just that, making it fun and a lot easier to memorize them (certainly more fun than a multiplication table).

Math War

War with cards was one of my favourite games as a kid (we only played with the regular deck) and as I played it with my older sister and her friends it was probably a thing that helped me with the concept of bigger and smaller.

There are a few different version of this learning cards game so you can get the one that suits your needs (or all and mix them for even more learning fun).

Something for Grade 2 (there are also other versions)

Mathological Liar

Use your detective math skills to determine who’s lying and who’s innocent and solve the case! Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

This one is for Grade 2 but there are also versions for other grades.

And something for Grade 3, 4 & 5

Make-a-Monster Test Prep Games

  Another one up to State Standards for different grades – this Make a Monster Test Prep Game is made to help practice all the mathematical subjects kids learn in a specific grade.

Each player builds their own monster as they answer the question cards – a fast paced and highly entertaining one!

Fractions Math Board Game

Pizza Fraction Fun

I always thought pizza was great for teaching fraction and whenever you have one do use it for that. But as we can’t eat pizza everyday (well we could but that probably wouldn’t end well…) this little learning aid hits the spot!