Multicultural Memory Game – Free Printables for Kids

Multicultural Memory Game
Learning About Cultures
We live in a big world of many colours, many cultures, traditions, differences and yet underneath all that we are all the same – we have a heart that beats, we all feel happy and sad, we all love and we all grieve. We are different, we are the same. We are all citizens of Earth!

Multicultural Memory Game

Your kids will be able to explore quite a few different cultures and their traditions and traditional clothes by playing this easy multicultural matching game – just print the cards twice, laminate them to give them longevity and play! This game is a great starting point for discussion about differences in cultures around the world.

Multicultural Memory Game – A fun free printable matching game for kids to help learn about different cultures.

Multicultural Memory Game

Be sure to either print these on construction paper or to laminate them so that they will be able to be used again and again. Print the page twice and have fun!

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