Printable Dog Mask Free Template

Who Let the Dogs Out? 🙂 – Print & Cut Out the Dog Mask and Have Fun
You can grab the “pre-made” masks or you can print the blank template kids can color in whichever colors they want!
I am more of a cat person as I grew up with a clowder of cats (did you know a group of cats is called that way?) but who can resist a cute little dog?

Free Printable Dog Mask & Template

I’m also pretty sure there isn’t a kid out there that wouldn’t beg their parents to get him or her a puppy (well unless there already is one in the family) and while the real one does need a lot of attention and care you can start them off with a printable dog mask.

Free Dog Masks & Templates to Color

For the first mask I decided to go with an everyday dog – brown coat, white snout and dark brown ears. But this wasn’t a random choice… When I was growing up my neighbours had a mutt that looked something like this and we used to take him for a walk. Even though he wasn’t my pet it often felt like he was and we had so much fun.

Later on my father brought home a Samoyed (Leda was her name), a magnificent dog and we loved her dearly. Sadly I wasn’t responsible enough at that age so I could never say she was my dog (my grandparents and parents took the lion’s share) and I still feel bad because of that today.

Today we share our home with a strange looking oddball called Rina (I say strange because at points you don’t know where’s the head and where’s the but). She’s a shelter pet and slightly resembles Lhaza Apso breed.

Either print it straight from the web or save the file to your computer. Cut out the mask and punch out the eye holes, add some string and your kids are ready to go barking around.

I’ll be adding more breeds and colors, if you have any special requests do let me know in the comments.

Blank Dog Mask Template to Color

I love it when kids get all creative so I also made a blank mask template they can color. No limitations! 🙂

Get the Mask Templates Here

Dog Mask Color

Dog Masks to Color