Free Printable Wolf Mask Template

Engage in some dramatic play with this fun and free printable wolf mask template!

Wolf Mask Template

Wolf Mask Template to Color

Free Printable Wolf Mask Template

The Little Red Riding Hood was always one of my favourite bedtime stories and I couldn’t help myself not to feel sorry for the wolf from time to time as I was fascinated by these magnificent animals.

I really enjoyed creating this printable wolf mask, it was so fun to do and I couldn’t wait to print it out and give it a test run (kids were thrilled!)

This freebie can be used as the big bad wolf mask or as an educational aid with the unit study (or anything else really).
If your kids love playing with paper mask they will love having this one in their collection.

But why only play with the head? Get a pair of grey gloves and glue on white paper claws – kids will be lowing this. And while you are at it thy not make them a wiggly tail too?

You can print these on a regular paper but they will be way more durable if you use harder paper.

If you want to have these for ages to come why not laminate them? This way they will be durable enough to survive rough play and even water being splashed on them.
Let your kids create their own wolf with this printable template to color! Their wolf can be any color they want and I bet it will look even more cool if they use other materials with this project (fabric…)

Grab the Printable Wolf Mask Template

Colored version here – wolf-mask

And black and white version here – wolf-mask-to-color