Pumpkin Facts for Kids

There are so many fun facts about Pumpkins!
Let’s learn with pumpkin facts for kids!

Fun Pumpkin Facts for Kids

I’ve made a pumpkin life cycle worksheets along with a few other printables with this theme this year and that got me thinking that I should also make a page (and a printable) with fun facts for kids to make the learning experience even more fun.

Well you will find all (well a few) fun facts straight on this page and you can also download it as a fun printable info graphic.

Fun Pumpkin Facts for Kids

Let’s learn about this fruit!

Pumpkin Facts for Kids

10 Fun Pumpkin Facts

  • Pumpkin is a fruit, not a vegetable.
  • Most pumpkins are orange.
  • They grow on all continents except on Antarctica.
  • Almost all parts of a pumpkin are edible.
  • Their name originates from a Greek word pepon (large melon).
  • They are one of the most popular crops in the US.
  • The oldest seed of pumpkins were found in Mexico (around 7000 BC)
  • They are used in all kinds of foods – soups, desserts, meals, juices…
  • They are a super popular Halloween decoration.

Pumpkin Facts for Kids With Free Printables

Free Printable PDF with Pumpkin Facts
Reading the facts is one thing (and it can be sufficient if your kid is a reading type) but visualising things can be even better. That’s why I’ve created this fun printable with all the facts illustrated to help kids “learn” them.

Get the printable fact sheet here

Pumpkin facts for kids

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