Simple Back to School Printables

Easy Learning Printables

The perfect time to prepare your kids for the upcoming school year is now, so take a look and print out these cool Free Back to School Printables.

Let’s go and have some fun time with counting, coloring, tracing and scissor practicing.

These cool printables are perfect for kids in preschool.

This free printable pack has 5 pages.


Simple back to school printables

Easy Learning With Back to School Printables

On the first page, there are three objects in each row. There are schools, crayons, and school buses. Your kids have to find and color the biggest one.

On the next page, there are six different shapes to be traced. Encourage your kiddos to trace them nicely and to follow the dotted line. After tracing, they can color each one of them in their favorite color.

The next page is a simple counting page. Write down how many globes, crayons, pencils and books is in each row and write the number at the end.

The fourth page is a fun scissor practice game. Children can firstly trace the lines and then cut them with scissors.

And on the last page, there are words and numbers to be traced. Tell your kids to say the numbers out loud and help them to spell the each word after.

And remember, school time is a fun time, so get going, print out these free pages and start learning.

Simple back to school free printables

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