Simple Scissor Practice Printables

Easy Printables for Scissor Skills

Strengthen those fine motor skills with this adorable and fun Free Scissor Practice Printable Pack.

These lovely printables are great for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

The free printable pack has 5 pages.


Free Scissor Practice Printables

Scissor Skills

The first page has five different zig-zag lines to be traced. Encourage your kids to carefully trace the lines and later cut them out with scissors.

On the second page, there are some more lines to be traced and cut out. These ones are a bit wavy so trace them and cut them out precisely.

The third page is a page with eight different shapes. There is a circle, a hexagon, a square, a star, a triangle, a rectangular, a heart and a diamond.

Kids can firstly trace the lines around each shape and then color the blank part of the shape with different colors. After coloring, they can cut them out with scissors.

​Next two pages are a tangram-like games. The point is to trace every line. After that, color the insides of each shape with the colors below.

When all the shapes are colored, cut them out slowly and precisely.

It would be great to laminate the pieces after they have been cut out. Kids have to put the pieces back together to make a square.

They can also make some other shapes and have fun with them.

So, keep on practicing and learning with these awesome pack and enjoy with your kids.

Free Scissor Practice Printables for Kids

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