Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets

Before mastering math kids need to master counting and writing numbers and these Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets should make it more fun!

When they are done with this one they can also have some fun with the Thanksgiving preschool pack which is full of activities just for them!

So let’s count the turkeys, pumpkins and pumpkin pies along with some other lovable characters.

Let’s do some counting and tracing!

Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets for Kids

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This spooktacular pack should keep kids entertained for a while!

Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets

On each of these pages there are 3 rows and each has two collums.

In each rows there is a space with spooky images kids have to count and in the next space trace the number that corresponds with the number of images.

This way kids practice their counting skills as well as their tracing skills.

If you are giving these worksheets to children that don’t have enough pre-writing skills to successfully trace the number instruct them to circle or color the correct answer.

These will work perfectly just before you serve the Thanksgiving dinner to keep the little ones busy.

Be sure to laminate them so you will be able to use them again (or give away to a friend) – let’s do something nice for the environment.

Printable Thanksgiving Counting Worksheets for Kids

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