Transportation Word Search Puzzles

Let’s find the hidden words

If you are going on a trip or just want to keep the kiddos busy these Free Transportation Word Search Puzzles will do the trick.

So, let’s do it.

Print out this free pack and find those hidden words.

Your kids will have some fun times with these cool transportation word puzzles.

This printable pack has 5 pages.


Transportation Word Search Puzzles

Get Transportation Word Search

The topic of these word search puzzles is transportation. Kids will have to find different names of vehicles in this printable.

This way they will get to know and think about different ways of travelling.

Each page has 5 words to search. On the first page there are more common vehicles such as bus, train, motorcycle, helicopter and a car.

The hidden words on the second page are an airplane, taxi, truck, boat, and a submarine. On the next page, kids have to find the words sailboat, blimp, balloon,tractor and a bicycle.

The fourth page hides these words: vehicle, ship, crane, rowboat and a canoe. And on the last page, there is a kayak, locomotive, jet, zeppelin and a yacht to be found.

These puzzles will encourage your kids to observe, find and explore the new words.

The summer is coming so the puzzles will surely come in handy if you are going on a holiday or just want to have some fun time at home.

Free Transportation Word Search Puzzles

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