Valentine’s Day Snakes & Ladders (free)

Snakes & Ladders make counting to 100 fun!

Not only are Snake & Ladders super fun to play they also help our kids to learn counting to 100.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I decided to make a more love-related version (you’ll notice all the snakes are falling in love – but that won’t stop them from putting you back a few places).

As always this too is a free printable meant for personal and educational use.

I don’t know how old I was before I started counting but I’m certain it wasn’t as early as kids today and I’m amazed at what the little minds can do.

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My nephew turned 3 a few weeks ago and he can already count to 30 (skipping a number or two here and there which is more than normal) and he already understands  what these numbers mean (up to 10 I think) and recognizes them in writing.
At that age I was illiterate :). What does this mean for him?
Who knows, he could excel in school or he could have a hard time keeping up in the future but the most important thing at the moment is he can count to 6, can roll a dice and play board games – an activity he really, really enjoys (and so do we)!

Something about snakes and ladders

Did you know this classic game originates from India?  
It’s one of the more known dice games from that part of the world (Ludo and Parcheesi also being popular) and if you thought the game is just about climbing ladders and sliding down when landing on a snake you’re in for a surprise!
The game represents ups and downs we face everyday in our lives. Fun right?

Download Valentine’s Day Snakes & Ladders

So here we have it!

This freebie is made with lots of love 🙂 !

I made it as a downloadable PDF (if you would rather see it in another format do let me know in the comments).

It’s made to be printed on ledger size/A3 size paper or two standard papers.

I do recommend you print it on a thicker paper or even better use a thermal laminator and this board game will easily last you for years.

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