Fun Vegetables Printable Pack

Easy Learning Printables

The gardens are blooming in this time of a season so it’s time to get to know the vegetables that grow on it with these lovely Free Vegetable Printables.

I know everybody doesn’t have space for a vegetable garden, but still, there are some on our plates at least at lunch time.

These worksheets will help your kids to know more about vegetables and how to recognize them.

These cool printables are perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.‚Äč

This nice free pack has 5 pages.


Simple vegetables printables for kids

Easy Learning Vegetables

The first page of this printable is a game, where your kiddos have to find and connect each vegetable with their other half.

On the second page, children have to recognize each vegetable and circle the beginning letter of each one.

On the third page of this printable, there are patterns to be solved. The point is to find the right order of each pattern in a row and then color the vegetable that comes next in that pattern. This game is very good for strengthening order recognition.

Next page is also a recognition game. Children have to find the vegetables between fruits and color only the veggies.

And on the last, fifth page there are two girls with numbers. Kids have to color the right amount of vegetables in each field. They can choose their favorite vegetables and color them.

So, have some fun with these free vegetable printables and strengthen those recognition skills.

Simple vegetables free printables for kids

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