Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls in 2017

Toys and other gifts for 5 to 6 year old girls!

    If you’re wondering what is that perfect little gift? What will they like? Browse through this list of fun gifts for 5 year old girls and you just might find a gift she will love! There are some girly girl suggestions as well as some great ideas for “tomboys”.

This gift guide has a dash of pink to it, as it is for parents and friends looking for something cool and well slightly girly – we also have a general gift guide for 5 year olds with more neutral picks.
  Most of these were either tested by us, our friends or are on the wish list of many kids (and parents).

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What Gifts Does a 5 to 6 Year Old Girl Want?

   Most of them still crave for all things pink and sparkly, they are super creative and have a 1001 questions about the world surrounding them.

Lego Blocks

  These are always on top of my list as there are so many benefits to playing with building blocks – building on creativity, imagination, it’s open ended play…

You can go with their line made for girls – lots of pink and girly elements – one of my favourite sets is Stephanie’s Beach House or you could just get any other Lego set featuring Superheroes (I loved them as a kid), fire-fighters, police…

Zoomer Kitty

This little cat is on most kids wish lists this year and I can see why – it’s adorable! This little robo kitty is second best thing to a real cat (nothing can really beat that) but with it’s character it’s a whole lot of fun to play with.

It’s a PURRfect friend

Bracelet Making Kit

  Sparkly and fun! This bracelet making kit has enough bling and bands to make 12 stunning bracelets (12 bands and 700+ gems – enough games to also decorate other things).

Girls have a great time making the bracelets and it’s a fun fine motor exercise. All of the bands are made for the small wrists so they will be a great fit for the little ones.

Pie Face Game

Prepare for endless giggles as this has got to be one of the coolest games ever! This one will be waiting under our tree and I personally can’t wait for the moment when we play this game with the whole family (mother in law naturally included).

​Tons of fun!


If you live in a block with a lot of kids you will have to agree a scooter is a great gift! Just look through a window on a non rainy day.

Fun for kids and great for their physical development as it’s great for balance and keeps kids active.

This one is super girly (if you have a little princess at home) but you can get them in many other colors.

Anything “Frozen” – An absolute hit for 2014!

  Have a little girl that’s constantly singign “Let it go”? This one is a no brainer then – get her something “Frozen”.

There are a million (ok a bit less) different Frozen toys made from plush toys to extravagant play sets.

Science & Learning Toys for 5-6 Year Old Girls

Let’s get them interested in science! She could be the winner in the science fair, she might make astonishing discoveries in the future, she might find a cure for all kinds of diseases in the future and all of that starts now!

First Microscope

There are many wonders in the micro universe just waiting to be discovered (just never look what micro things are hiding under your fingernails – NEVER 😉 oh the horrors). Exploring insects, plants and other things is a perfect introduction to scientific observation.

This talking microscope comes with 12 slides to observe and when kids are observing them they can push buttons on the microscope and it starts “talking” and sharing fun facts about things under the microscope. You can also use the regular slides with this microscope.

Jumping Into Electricity

I had a electricity kit as a kid and loved tinkering with it – making that light bulb glow – priceless!

I strongly believe having basic knowledge in electricity is a must for everyone!

This kit has quite a few mind blowing experiments for the little ones – our favourite bending the water stream hands down.

Sum Swamp Game

  Ah math… Ah addition and subtraction… Let’s make it fun! Let’s play a board game!

This game makes “Math become an adventure!” and it indeed is fun! It’s great for early learners (as only numbers up to 6 are included) and makes addition and subtraction easy. The game itself doesn’t last long (which is great for the young impatient minds) and kids do want and ask to play it.


Another Book for The Home Library

Sphagetti in a Hot Dog Bun

  A great book that sends a great message: Be Who You Are!

It’s all about being who you are and doing the right thing – and having the courage to do so.

Aside for the great story the illustrations in this book are also something to admire. Worth checking out!

More Great Things 5 Year Old Girls Will Love!

Rainbow in My Room

If your kid is afraid of sleeping in the dark (or not) this is a magical solution.

A Doll House

Always popular.

I’d go with a medium sized as it will be easier to put away and if they are in the “Barbie” stage now and go to “Monster High” phase later a smaller house will be quickly repainted to provide housing for freaky fabulous Monster High dolls – a project you will be able to do with your kids (also saving you some money).