Gifts for 5 Year Olds

All of these gifts are appropriate for both genders – as all toys are if you ask me but if you are looking for a dash of pink do check the gifts for 5 year old girls list (same fun and creativity just a bit more pink) or the gifts for 5 year old boys list for a selection with more blue.

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys 5 Year Old Should Have

It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl in your home building blocks are a must! I personally am fan of Lego’s (there are other brands that are great too) and there’s a set out there for pretty much everyone. You can just get them a big box of basic building bricks or you can go with one of the many themed sets designed for 5 year olds.

Talking Microscope
Let your kids get excited about all the things that they can’t see with naked eye. This Talking Microscope is designed for the youngest of them with easy to push buttons and easy to handle controls. You’re kids will be able to explore the micro world around them or use the slides that come with the microscope. These slides will also “make” the microscope talk fun facts about what kids are looking at. Fun and educational.

Human Body Science Kit
I love science gifts! I think all kids should engage in science experiments and be curious about all things around them and in this case in them. This Human body kit lets them explore the fundamentals of human body, learn about human body systems and do fun experiments to explore 5 senses.

Marble Run
One of the most awesome toys out there and one I was dying to get when I was a kid. They will have lots of fun putting it together and even more fun as they watch the marbles go downhill.

Suspend Junior
You’ve probably heard about Suspend as it’s one of the hottest toys so you can imagine I was super happy when I saw they also have a Suspend Junior game. This is on my shopping list for this year!

Eye Found It!
A fun “hidden picture” game that promotes cooperation and teamwork with loveable Disney characters. Hours of fun for the whole family!

Talking Telescope
You’ve already seen the microscope and now it’s time to explore things that are a bit larger. Comes with slides of planets and even animals and is a great toy for learning.

A Book Set
Let’s read! Well listen to stories read by mom and dad that is! A book is always a great gift and the sooner you start giving them the kids the better the chances you are growing a reader! Dr. Seuss’s books are a must read for everyone and this beginner book collection set is perfect to start your kid of with all the wonders his books have to offer.

Design Your Own Umbrella
It’s always great to encourage creativity and uniqueness and that’s why I’m in love with this “Design your Own Umbrella” kit – it comes with an super sweet looking umbrella and waterproof markers that will let your kids make a unique umbrella to call their own.

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