Gifts for 7 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for seven year olds.

There’s something for pretty much everyone on this list – from fun construction toys, through science kits to books (and even book making kit). You’ll find something to make the sporty kid happy and something to make a crafter super happy! You can also check the gifts for 7 year old girls and gifts for 7 year old boys that feature a selection of toys and other ideas with a dash of pink or a dash of blue (all with the same STEAM and fun ideas for both genders).

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys 7 Year Old Should Have

Lego’s are a great way to encourage kids to get creative! They have a huge variety of sets from “girly ones” to “boyish ones” (and I don’t mean you should get “pink” ones for girls and “blue” ones for boys) but if they prefer girly or boysih things there are plenty to choose from. That said I really love their Creator collection as it sure has some nice looking sets.

Make Your Own Comic Book – And Have it Published
I am head over heals about this kit! I mean who doesn’t want to have thier own book or a comic book published?! This kit lets your kids create their own comic book – they come up with the story, draw it and the company that made this kit makes a copy just for them and sends them to their doorstep. Awesome!

Science Experiments 
There’s always fun to be had when science is involved! Stepping into science is a great kit that covers a few fields of science so there’s some fun for pretty much everyone (oh learning fun!).

Choose Your Own Adventure Books
You really, really need to give these books a try, even more so if you have a non-reader at home! These books let you be in charge of the story as at the end of every chapter you get to decide what to do (like if you decide to do something continue this book on page 10 if you decide something else continue this book on page 20). There are hundreds of titles in all genres available and they are tons of fun. I read books like these when I was a kid and we had to borrow new ones from the library on daily basis. Best books ever!

Suspend Junior
You’ve probably heard about Suspend as it’s one of the hottest toys so you can imagine I was super happy when I saw they also have a Suspend Junior game. This is on my shopping list for this year!

Bike Brightz
These lights (available in many great colors) will make your 7 year old’s bike look awesome while keeping your heart at ease at the same time as they will be more visible on the street which makes it a great gift if you ask me.

Zoomer Dino
Another great gift for 7 year olds! A pet robo – dinosaur (even writing this out feels awesome). I wanted a pet dinosaur when I was a kid (the real one haha) and today kids that share that wish of mine can kind of have it come true.

Stomp Rocket
Simple toy lots of fun! Stomp Rocket is one of the most asked for toys and it makes a great starting point to teach your kids about air pressure (plus it’s very inexpensive).

Build  a Birdhouse Kit
Everyone likes to get crafty once and a while (some more often and some not so often). As I hear a lot of parents of boys that they don’t like to do many crafts I choose this build a birdhouse kit that lets the kids construct the house from scratch and color it when they are done which might appeal (for the construction part) even to those that aren’t all that into crafts. A fun gift for both boys and girls.

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