Gifts for 6 Year Olds

Browse through these kid and parent approved picks of gifts for six year olds.

Strong willed and unique… Yes they are! This list has something for pretty much all of them – some toys are just for fun others focus on developing essential (and other) skills for this age group.
While I do think all toys are by default for both genders I’ve also made a list of gifts for 6 year old girls for and gifts for 6 year old boys as some kids are more “girly” or more “boyish” and would appreciate a dash of pink or a dash of blue.

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Toys 6 Year Old Should Have

It doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl in your home building blocks are a must! There are so many great sets out there and this Knight’s set is one of my favourites for this age group! If you are getting this one for a girl be sure to also add a female Lego Minifigure – she can either use her as a princess character or change one of the knights heads to have a female knight.

Make Your Own Book – And Have it Published
I am head over heals about this kit! This great kit lets your kids make their own book – story and drawings and all and have it published as a real book and send back to the kids! How awesome is that? I want a book of my own. The cute part is you can choose to either have the text spell checked or leave it as it is written by your little ones.

Science Experiments 
Seriously what’s more fun than science experiments? And what can be greater than getting kids interested in science the fun way? This kit full of science experiments has something fun for pretty much everyone plus it will make bathing time exciting!

A Book Set
Book is always a great gift – any age, any gender. Book sets even more so. This 21 books box set will keep them entertained for a while and as these books are written in a very silly kid friendly way they will have a hard time putting these books down.

Suspend Junior
You’ve probably heard about Suspend as it’s one of the hottest toys so you can imagine I was super happy when I saw they also have a Suspend Junior game. This is on my shopping list for this year!

The Magic Path of Yoga Board Game
A board game that keeps the kids active – what more would you want from a board game? Lots of active fun!

Zoomer Dino
Another great gift for 6 year olds! I mean who wouldn’t want a pet dinosaur! When I was a kid I always hoped I would find a dinosaur egg and that it would hatch and I’d have my very own dinosaur (I think I wanted a velociraptor). No one would know about it. Back then this wasn’t possible but today with this awesome toy it kind of is. Kids love it!

Boogie Board
Doodle and erase and do it all ower again. Or leave notes for your family or friends. This LCD writing tabled will be the home of many fun creations for the whole family and it’s also great for practising math, writing or any other school subject (good by paper).

Spinner Art
Last but not least lets get a bit creative with this spinner art set. This fun machine will let your kids create fun works of art.

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