10 Beyond Awesome Pool Noodle Activities

We don’t have a pool (boo!) but we still love pool noodles as there are so many awesome activities you can do with them outside and in the water.
10 Beyond Awesome Pool Noodle Activities
Confession: I’ve lived under a rock for a long time when it comes to these as none of the local stores had them. When I looked for them online they were super expensive (makes sense as they are probably pretty hard to ship) so I always assumed they cost a lot. Until they opened a dollar store a few years back and to my pleasant surprise there they were.
  1. Make a pirate raft! This is one of the most awesome noodle pool projects I have ever seen! Sadly for me it does require a pool.
  2. Water activity without pool? Yes! Make a pool noodle waterfall!
  3. Tried and true pool noodle pom pom shooters! Expect lots of screams of joy!
  4. Why not make super fun and cooling train tracks?
  5. Make a marble run.
  6. Obstacle run will be perfect for an active afternoon.
  7. Play a game of ring toss.
  8. Your kids will be able to have a super fun race with foam horses.
  9. It’s time for car wash! Yeah!
  10. Balloons and noodles scream fun! And it sure is – do check out this game!