15 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I love making printable masks but although I wish you could do a printable costume (well maybe you can to some extent) these awesome costumes will need pins and needles (or a glue gun ha!).

 15 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. I am absolutely in love with this one – super sweet and super quick (perfect as a last minute costume) – Rag Doll Costume.
2. Another quick and easy (and oh so adorable) is the Flower Pot Costume.
3. Got a cardboard box just waiting to be transformed into something cool? Why not make a Lego costume?

4. Elsa and Anna will be a hit this year!
5. Why not become the super adorable Olaf? Read through these instructions on how to make your very own Olaf costume!
6. Someone has to dress up as Kristoff! This costume is so easy to make and looks great!

7. How about Prince Charming?
8. We need a princess then too don’t we?
9. And some knights to protect them right?

10. If your kids love Toy Story this Buzz Lightyear no sew costume is a must (isn’t it adorable?).
11. Got a Super Mario fan at home? Why not dress them up as Toad from Super Mario?
12. Or swim into the ocean as the Little Mermaid?

13. Love birds? You’re going to love this parrot costume tutorial!
14. Or how about this fabulous peacock costume?
15. And last but not least we have this beyond adorablepenguin costume!