50 Summer Activities for Kids

 Bring on summer! I’ve compiled this fun list of activities you can do with your kids (budget friendly as most are free). I know you have lots of amazing ideas what to do with your kids but having even more ideas can’t hurt right? Plus I know there come days when you just wake up with a “blank head” and need some inspirations (I have those days quite often).
 50 Summer Activities for Kids
As I was lucky enough to come up with a nasty cold this week I had a chance to give these a bit of a thought and tried my best to come up with as unique a list as possible although I’m sure you’ve come across with many of the ideas before but you should find a few new ones to do with your kids.

50 Fun Summer Activities to do With Your Kids

1. If you have a chance camping in the backyard is a must, if not indoor camping will be fun too!

2. Picnic in the backyard. You don’t have to plan a trip to the park to have a wonderful picnic. Instead of eating lunch indoors prepare your meals together pack them into the basket and outside you go.

3. Your sidewalk is due for a makeover with chalks!

4. Build a fort from cardboard boxes. 

5. Have a theatre show for the whole family. Children can write a script, make a scene and props, make their own costumes and masks (do check these printable mask templates).

6. Go to the library and borrow a book about local vegetation. When on walks let the kids gather flowers and other plants and then try to identify them. They can even make a herbarium! 

7. Make a book! Take a classic fairy tale and have the kids draw and write their own pages. Have it laminated and bind.

8. Fairies need new homes. Gather natural materials and make fairy houses.

9. Have a snowball fight (affiliate link)! Yes it is possible!

10. Water play – water balloons, water squirter, sprinklers, swimming pool…

11. Have a random acts of kindness day – volunteer in local shelter, retirement home…

12. Make hats to shield the heads from the sun! Here’s a lovely newspaper hat tutorial.

13. Make your own marble run – kids will love constructing it and later on playing with it. You can make an indoor marble run if it’s rainy or a marble run version that’s perfect for outside version for sunny days.

14. Make sand castles! No beach or sandboxes near by? Get a small pool from the dollar store and a bag of sand from the hardware store. 

15. Ice cream factory day! Get all kinds of fruits and compete who mixes the best ice cream or popsicle.

16. Make a lemonade stand together and sell lemonade!

17. Have a banana split or fruit salad party.

18. Make a water-blob. Seriously you are going to love this!

19. Board games are always fun! Why not make your own?

20. Make a kiddie car wash!

21. Make a unique T-shirt with textile markers (pens to draw on textile)

22. Bubble time! Blow bublles and not just the regular kind – make them super big or super small (you can see how to make small bubbles here).

23. Make an obstacle course outside and throw a competition.

24. Make a bird house. Or a new house for your cat, or a dog :).

25. Play reporter – pick an interesting neighbour (who has time) and interview him or her about their job, childhood… Make a mini newspaper. 

26. Pinata with balloons full of water.

27. Print out a star chart. At nigh watch the stars and try to spot constellations – mark them down on the chart!

28. Invent a dance! Come up with a choreography and even give it a name!

29. Make a giant scrabble to play in the backyard. 

30. Dedicate a day to science! Open up an outdoor (or indoor if it’s rainy) laboratory and do lots of kid friendly and fun science experiments.

31. Have a camera? Make a movie! You can do a remake of a fairy tale, cartoon, movie or you can make a script of your own.

32. Have a random country day! Pick a country at random, anywhere in the world. Dedicate the whole day to that country, make a traditional dessert, do crafts that relate to that country (flag…), learn basic words and sentences in their national language (hi, thank you, please,  my name is, I love you…) Learn about their culture, art…

33. Go into the woods with a bag of plaster. Find animal tracks and make casts of them.

34. Fundraise for a local charity – collect old newspaper, clothes, have a bake sale…

35. Don’t forget the classics – go to the park, jump on the trampoline, go hiking…

36. Check if there are any classes suitable for kids and adults in your area – you could learn knitting, baking, pottery…

37. Make a giant Ker-Plunk game!

38. Bowling in the backyard. Make bowling pins out of old cans or bottles.

39. Summer Olympics! Dedicate a day to sport activities – running, gymnastics, jumping. At the end of the day also have a medal ceremony. 

40. Spend a few hours in a store (toy store, dollar store) window shopping. Make a imaginary list of things you would have if you had a million dollars. Or give kids a few dollars they can spend however they want. 

41. Have a fashion show.

42. Throw a themed party just for your family! Be sure to print myfree printable party supplies!

43. Make bow and arrows and do some target practice.

44. Potao sack race.

45. Check the local library if they have any summer activities for kids planned.

46. Come up with pranks and hidden camera scenes to do to your friends and family. 

47. Start a herb garden. 

48. Make a kite.

49. Make origami and recycled boats and have them float in water.

50. Make a sunclock.