Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Let’s craft something for the dad shall we? I’ve went through quite a few ideas for a Father’s day gift and it was hard to choose only 10 (there are so many great ideas out there) but here they are – all of them are kid friendly projects and all of them are dad approved!

 Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

  1. Mowing the lawn, making breakfast, giving up the remote control – everything on demand when dad uses one of the printable coupons he received on father’s day (there are pre-written and blank templates).
  2. A jar of home made cookies will bring a smile on anyone’s face and that’s why they make a great gift – if you make them tie shaped all the better.
  3. Have the kids make a beyond awesome nuts and bolts picture frame + while you’re at it why not make a unique picture too!
  4. Why not make a unique mug? Like “Hands off! Daddy’s coffee!” mug?
  5. Your kids can tell their dad her rocks! In a unique way with a You Rock Box!
  6. Every mom deserves a medal… A ton of them! But as this is Father’s day they can get one too ;). I love this gold medal craft and I’m sure your kids will too!
  7. We love to see dads cooking so why not make a unique apron?
  8. Sometimes a simple card is the most cherished gift – I’m in love with this monkey Father’s day card!
  9. We’re crazy about BBQ and BBQ sauce in this house so I will be making a batch of barbecue sauce! Your kids can make it too and this recipe also comes with a free printable BBQ sauce label for Father’s day!
  10. Neck tie key chain? Yes please!