You Rock Box a Perfect Father’s Day Gift

 Which daddy doesn’t love to hear that he rocks? We can make this a bit more literal 😉

As Father’s day approaches it’s time to start thinking about gifts! I already made printable Father’s Day Coupons the other day and now it’s time to make a box to store them.


You don’t need much for this project – a wooden box from the dollar store, small rocks and pebbles, pencil, color, paint brush or sponge and white glue.


Color the box and let it dry (you can also leave it as it is as wood is beautiful by itself). With a pencil draw an outline for the letters (I wrote You Rock on a piece of paper first as this makes it easier for me – to get the idea on how it will turn out). Trace the letters with white glue (fondly). Do it letter by letter as if you make more letters it will be harder for the kids to place rocks (we learn on our mistakes don’t we)…

Your kids can easily make corrections with a toothpick (or something) if some of the rocks aren’t placed as they would like as glue will take it’s time to dry.


On a sunny day it will take a few hours to dry completely and for the glue to become clear.