Christmas Santa Sleigh Craft

It’s time to make some Christmas crafts and we decided to do Santa sleigh with reindeer and all!
We used all kinds of materials so this is a toilet paper roll craft mixed with egg carton and even some nature materials!

 Christmas Santa Sleigh Craft

This is a project for the whole family as it will take a while to make and as some parts are harder to make than others kids of all ages can take part (you can also make more or fewer reindeer).
So let’s talk materials!

You will need:
Toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)
Egg carton – best one to use is the one for 6 eggs
Small boxes (matchboxes, lipstick, make up…)
Pompoms (optional)
Paper in different colors
Cotton balls
Colors – red, green, brown
Twigs (for antlers – you can also cut them from paper)
Paint brushes (I really suggest using a sponge brush)
Glue, Scissors
Bows (optional)
Black marker

Making the reindeer:
Color the toilet paper tube brown – I like to color it both outside and inside. Once the color is dry cut the legs as shown on the first picture above and fold the “not leg” parts in and glue them together. Let it dry. Once it dries flip the soon to be reindeer and cut the tail as shown in the middle picture (fold it outwards). Cut the remaining part so that you get 5 pieces – 4 of them you will fold like you did before (and glue them together) and you leave one sticking out (this way you get the head) – like on the picture below.

Once the glue dries roll the tail inwards so you get it looking like on the picture above. Now let’s decorate them! Glue the black (I didn’t have any black ones so I colored them) and/or red noses on the reindeer’s face and draw the facial expression with the black marker. Glue the antlers on the back of the head (I used duct tape). You can also color their hoofs black.

Now let’s make Santa and a few gifts! For Santa color one TP roll red and let it dry. Once it’s dry glue on (or color) the face and draw the eyes. Glue on the cotton ball beard and a pompom nose. For the hat cut a circle from the red paper and make a cone – decorate it with cotton ball and a white pompom. Make a few mini gift boxes using small boxes.

Last but not least color the egg carton box green and let it dry. Once it’s dry place the Santa on top of the pointy part of the egg carton and put the gifts into the sleigh and with some red yarn make the harness.