Egg Carton flowers (Daffodils) In Anticipation of Spring 


 Egg Carton flowers (Daffodils) In Anticipation of Spring

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of snow! It’s cold, it’s icy (I’m a natural talent at falling flat on my a**!) so in the spirit of I hope soon to be coming spring I opted for some flower making crafts!

Egg Carton Daffodils

These are super easy to make but kids will need some adult assistance (how much depends on their age and crafting skills).

Here’s what you will need;

  • 1 egg cartoon
  • green drinking flex straws  
  • yellow and orange color
  • glue (white school glue) and scissors

For the flower holder;

  • toilet paper roll
  • colored paper
  • decorative strip

How to make egg carton daffodil

First you’ll need to cut the egg carton so you get 4 (or more) cup parts and 4 peak parts. Peak parts usually have a small hole on top of them but you’ll have to punch a hole in the cup parts (you can easily punch it with a kitchen knife or scissors – mom part of the project).

It’s time for the most fun part of this project – coloring! And the most boring part – waiting for color to dry a bit.

When the color is dry take the straw and push it through the cup part of the egg carton. Apply glue on the bottom of the peak part (fondly) and attach it to the cup part making sure the straw goes through the peak part (it will go through easily). Hold it for a few moments and you are all done!

P.S.: I put small rocks inside the toilet paper roll so it supports the flowers ;).