Mini Heart Shaped Book Note


 Mini Heart Shaped Book Note

I love it when a craft is passed on through generations! This was something my grandmother did with her daughter (aka my mother) and my mother did with me and I really, really loved it! I loved how I could drew my own little book and neatly (ok not as neatly as I thought) folded it together. Each of my family members got one heart shaped book for Valentine’s Day and I was so proud! I think it’s important to keep up with family traditions… Well at least some of them… 🙂

Let’s Make a Heart Shaped Mini Book

What you will need:
-plain white paper
-harder red paper or cardboard (or any other color) 
-coloring pens and sequin, glitter…

Start off by making a heart stencil as shown on the picture – it has to be symmetrical.

Fold the white paper in half two times and draw the heart shape. Cut it out and you will get a four clover leaf shape.
Make as many as you want!

Now it’s time for the little artists to do their jobs by drawing pretty pictures on one side of the 4 leaf clover.

Fold the clover in half as shown on the picture and push in the two sides so you get a heart shape again.

Glue the hearts s together. Glue the string or ribbon on the last heart and cover it with a colored heart. 

Glitter and sequin will make this project even cutter 🙂