Easter Egg Bunnies With Printable Stickers!

It’s time to hop! We had so much fun making Easter Chicks with polenta the other day we just knew it’s time to add some bunnies to the mix! 

What You’ll Need

 Easter Egg Bunnies With Printable Stickers!

  • eggs (just stating the obvious here 🙂
  • white grits (white corn or wheat grits) 
  • easter-egg-stickers-bunny
  • egg white + sugar to make the glue
  • white pipe cleaners for stands (optional but it works great!)
  • you can also use googly eyes

So Let’s Do This Easter Activity!

We used hard boiled eggs as they are more kid-friendly. As with the chick project I started with 3 eggs and ended up with two, luckily this time the shell of one cracked when I was cooking them unlike before when it ended on the floor.

Cook the eggs and let them cool. While they cool mix up one egg white with a tablespoon of sugar (this ratio works pretty great). When eggs are cooled dip them into glue mixture and quickly place them into grits – roll and sprinkle it. If you have white eggs one layer will do, if you have brown eggs like we do you can do two layers if you want white bunnies.

If you do more than one layer chances are the grits will have some bumps or will be uneven here and there – if this is the case just tap the bumps with your fingers – it will even out nicely.

Let the eggs dry for a few minutes.

Cut out the bunny faces and ears and glue them on the now funkily textured eggs (you can use egg white’s glue or white glue).  They are now ready to hop!