Painting Rock Rings


We had such great weather the other day it would be a shame not to go on a long nature walk and get some fresh air. While enjoying the nature we even saw deer! A whole herd of them -7! They were adorable). 

Nature is always generous when it comes to crafting material and on that day we were looking for light flat pebbles we would later paint. This is always a fun activity for kids (small and big kids).


 Painting Rock Rings

What you’ll need;

  • rocks, pebbles
  • craft rings
  • colors, crayons, coloring pens, glitter, paint brush,…
  • gloss varnish (you can always cheat with clear nail polish) 
  • super glue, glue gun or surprisingly white school glue

 Painting Rock Rings

This project is suitable for most ages, from small kids to crafty adults! You just have to pick the right “tools” and stone sizes. This can be a fun family activity from gathering the materials to making rings with them!

So here’s how we did it!

First you’ll have to wash the pebbles.

Next comes the fun part! Painting!

 Painting Rock Rings

We’ve tried 3 different ways! For the smallest of hands the most fun way was with cotton swabs – dots quickly turned to small beautiful flowers. Next we tried with a brush, oldie but goldie. Last but not least and this proved to be the most fun and cool looking – we used regular plain coloring pens (works only on bright stones)!

The end results were BEAUTIFUL and to make them last forever all you need to do is protect them with gloss varnish (or clear nail polish :).


When pebbles (we can now call them gems 😉 dry you’ll have to glue them on the craft rings. 

I though glue gun would be the most efficient but I was wrong – it does the job but it doesn’t work well with all rocks (if they are really smooth it won’t stick all that well). You can’t go wrong with super glue but keep it away from children! Plain white school glue worked surprisingly well so if you want to make this a kid friendly project from start to finish I’d recommend using it.