Airplane Riddles for Kids

Fun airplane riddles for kids of all ages; find just the riddle you need. Some are What am I airplane riddles, some rhyme, some don’t, but they all have one thing in common: the riddle answer is always airplane (or, well, a plane).

Airplane riddles for kids

Airplane Riddles for Kids

Ready to give your kids a proper challenge? Here are more than 10 different riddles with the plane as the answer.

Riddle: I soar through the sky with wings so wide; in the clouds, I gracefully glide. Passengers inside, I carry them high, what am I?

Riddle: I’m not a bird, but I do fly, through the air, way up high, with metal wings spread wide.

Riddle: I’m not a kite, but I take flight, soaring through the day and night. Passengers buckle up in their seat, what am I, with a nose so neat?

Riddle: In the clouds, I dance and twirl, my metal body, a sleek swirl. Aerial acrobat with a loud hum, What am I, flying under the sun?

Riddle: I’m not a rocket, but I ascend; with wings, my journey has no end. In the sky, I paint trails of white, who am I, a magnificent sight?

Riddle: On wings of steel, I take to the air, carrying passengers without a care.

Riddle: On the airstrip, I make my stand, Soon to leave the solid land. Flying high with engines loud, What am I, above the crowd?

Riddle: I’m not a bird, yet I soar; High above, I explore. With wings wide and engines strong, What am I, humming along?

Riddle: On runways, I begin my quest, In the sky, I am at my best. What am I?

Riddle: With a cockpit and wings so wide, Across the continents, I’ll glide. What am I?

Riddle: What has wings of metal and sails the sky, carrying people from one place to another?

Riddle: What flies without feathers and has a cockpit?

Riddle: What has wings but no feathers, and can fly without flapping wings?