Anchor Riddles for Kids

Need a few fun anchor riddles? We’ve got a collection ready for you and your kids to explore. Many what am I riddles where the answer is an anchor with rhymes (and whiteout) for your little ones to solve.

Anchor Riddles for Kids

Ready to give your kids a proper challenge? Here are more than 10 different riddles with the anchor as the answer.

Riddle: I’m heavy and strong, keeping boats in one place, underwater I hide, in a deep-sea embrace.

Riddle: I sink to the bottom, holding ships in line, Without me, they drift, lost like a sign.

Riddle: I’m not a superhero, but I hold a ship’s ground, In the harbor or at sea, I’m always around.

Riddle: I don’t have wings, but I help ships land, On the ocean floor, I take my stand.

Riddle: I’m not a magnet, but I stick to the ground, keeping boats in one place, keeping them safe and sound.

Riddle: I’m not a tree, but I plant my roots in the sea, holding ships steady, that’s the job for me.

Riddle: I’m not a seashell, but I rest in the sea, keeping boats still as can be. What am I?

Riddle: I’m a heavy metal friend beneath the waves, holding ships steady in storms and calms alike. What am I?

Riddle: I’m not a lock, but I secure ships tight, on the ocean floor, out of sight. What am I?

Riddle: I don’t swim, yet I’m found in the sea, helping ships stay where they need to be. What am I?

Riddle: I’m not a leash, but I keep boats in check, A weighty companion on the ship’s deck. What am I?

Riddle: I’m not a rope, but I hold ships tight, in the harbor or on a stormy night.

Riddle: I’m a heavy metal object, dropped to the sea floor, keeping ships in place.