Christmas Play Dough and Slime Recipes and Activities

Lets make a batch of play dough and have fun playing with the festive (and free) printable play dough mats! Or let’s whip up a whole lot of oozy, gooey Christmas slime!


  Christmas Play Dough and Slime Recipes and Activities
There’s quite a few great recipes for homemade play dough out there (some of them smell really, really great) and I’ve picked a few that are more than perfect for the season to be jolly. To make play even more fun there’s also a selection of festive play dough mats. Last but not least you’ll also find a few gooey festive homemade slime recipes!

Home Made Play Dough Recipes

* Whit up a batch of Christmas play dough – with all the seasonal scents we know and love – recipe by Learn Play Imagine.
* Another mix with gorgeous scents is this play dough made by Nurture Store.
* If you want something green to shape and decorate a tree this recipe by Creative Connections for kids is spot on!
* Love minty candy cane? Make a Minty Candy Cane play dough like Learning 4 Kids made!
* Or try this version of peppermint play dough – super easy made by Love, Play, Learn.
* We’re still missing the smell of cinnamon cookies… This Cinnamon Play Dough recipe by The Imagination Tree is perfect for making pretend play cookies!
* We all want some Christmas pudding! Why not make it from home-made play dough like Sun, Hat and Wellie Boots did!
* Last we have the gingerbread man play dough – divine smelling invention of The Imagination Tree.

Christmas Play Dough Mats

* Lots of festive mats – snow globe, X mas tree, ornament, wreath and gingerbread man to be found in Christmas Play Dough Mats collection created by me.
* If Santa is your thing (along with a tree that is) you must print these play dough mats made by Picklebums.
* If you want a close up of Santa’s head (and 9! other mats) check Totschooling’s play dough mats.
* Also check these awesome mats made by This Reading Mama.
* Lastly be sure to print these Christmas Play Dough mats made by The Gift of Curiosity.

Christmas Slime Recipes and Activities

* Do your kids love candy canes? Then this candy cane slime by Little Bins for Little Hands is just their thing!
* This one is just so clever! Loving the Santa Hat slime by The Pleasantest Thing.
* I don’t know about you but me, when I think about Christmas chocolate is one of the things that comes to mind (especially hot one!) – so I just had to include this chocolate slime recipe made by Fun at Home With Kids!
* Or why not just decorate a slimy Christmas tree with the help of the recipe Little Bins for Little Hands came up with?
* Or have your kids try the slimiest of the festive bunch the Christmas slime Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails made.
* If your kids are more into fluffy than slimy on the other hand they will enjoy this slime recipe made by Sow Sprout Play.
* Last but not least in this category we have the beautiful winter slime made by Little Bins for Little Hands that’s just magical!