New Christmas Printables for Preschool

I’ve been a busy bee and I’ve created quite a few Christmas Printables for Preschool – from easy worksheets to solve to printables that are just pure fun!
I love making printables for preschoolers (although I do have quite a few festive Christmas worksheets for older kids too!)

 New Christmas Printables for Preschool

So let’s begin! We’re going to cover it all (well not really) – colors, counting, numbers, alphabet and even writing.

For all the young learners out there that are just learning the ABC’s and counting to 10 (along with some color recognition) we have these fun and festive Christmas file folder games.

Now we all know preschoolers (and older kids naturally) love play dough (store bought or even better home made!) so I just know they will enjoy these free printable play dough mats! I’m so proud of these as they are the very first play dough mats I ever made!


Is your preschooler (or kindergartener) ready for some writing practice? Hurry and print these Christmas tracing worksheets!

Let’s open up our own Christmas workshop! Or a festive store selling home baked cookies… Or… Well only sky is the limit! Print this printable play money and have your preschooler lean some simple math as well as handling money.

Ready to start writing down numbers? These counting and number tracing worksheets are perfect for just that!

Last but not least we have some pretty easy and pretty fun color by numbers worksheets!

 New Christmas Printables for Preschool