Cupcake Liner Snowflakes

If you have any odd cupcake liners left why not make these simple cupcake liner snowflakes?

 Cupcake Liner Snowflakes

We do bake quite a few cupcakes and muffins in our household and as we switched (for the most part at least) to silicone molds that can be used over and over again we really don’t use paper cupcake liners all that often and do have quite a few left from “back in the days” (and in many different colors might I add). So I was thinking about a craft we could do and that would be fitting for the season and then it hit me – snowflakes!
So go and grab all the extra and left over cupcake liners you have in your home and let’s make some snowflakes!

All you have to do is fold the liner in half and then fold it again in quarters (you can fold it yet again for even cooler patterns) and start cutting!

When you have enough you can make garlands or even greeting cards.