Christmas Prepositions Worksheets

Looking for some grammar exercises? Let’s learn how to use the prepositions such as on, in, and under with a brand new pack of free printable Christmas Prepositions Worksheets.

The free prepositions worksheets will be just perfect for your young learners during the holidays.

Christmas Prepositions of Place Free Printable Worksheets

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Ready to start?

Let’s read and observe where the objects are located and circle the correct answer.

Christmas Prepositions of Place Worksheets

You will get 2 worksheets in this Christmas prepositions of place pack.

Both of the pages are printer-friendly, so print them out and start practising!

Each sheet includes 6 different frames with a sentence.

Kids need to read the sentence and observe the image in order to find the correct preposition.

There are 3 possibilities they can mark – the preposition on, in, or under.

Encourage your kids to read the sentences out loud, before they select the right answer.

Free Printable Prepositions Worksheets for Kids

On the first image, there is a present under the tree.

The next one has a cute little elf on the shelf.

In the third frame, kids need to decide, where the toy (Jack-in-the-box) is located.

The next sentence goes:”The ornament is on/in/under the floor.

Tell your kids to explain why they have chosen the answer they did, and discuss why is it correct or not.

Continue to the next one, where the hat is under the chair.

The last image on the first page is a candy cane in the stocking.

Xmas Prepositions of Place Worksheets

On the next worksheet, kids will have to recognize where the Christmas wreath is located.

Is it on, in, or under the door?

The following frame shows a candy under the pillow, so they need to circle the word “under” in the sentence.

There is sleigh in the snow on the next one and yarn on the table in the fourth frame.

The solutions of the next two ones go:”The Santa is in the room.” and “The plate is under the Gingerbread man”.

Remember that learning is fun, so let’s enjoy the Christmas and keep on practicing!

Free Christmas Prepositions Worksheets

Get your free Christmas Prepositions of Place Worksheets here.

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