Christmas Preposition of Place Worksheets

With Christmas just around the corner, the time is perfect for some festive worksheets. Let’s learn with a brand new free printable Christmas Preposition of Place Worksheets pack.

Find out where are the characters in each frame positioned and circle the accurate place preposition.

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Ready to start?

Grab your best crayons and solve the free prepositions of place worksheets.

Preposition of Place Worksheets

You will get two Christmas prepositions worksheets in this set.

With this festive pack, your kids will learn to distinguish between prepositions of place, such as IN, ON, and UNDER.

Each page has its own character – on the first page, the character is Santa Claus, and on the second one, kids need to observe Rudolph the reindeer.

There are six frames with images on each one.

Christmas Preposition In On Under of Place Worksheets

Young learners need to ask themselves where the Santa is positioned.

In the first frame, Santa Claus is standing on the roof.

On the second one, he is under the Christmas wreath.

The next image shows the Santa in the chimney.

On the fourth one, he is standing on the chair.

The following image is showing the Santa under the shelf.

And in the last frame of this festive worksheet, the Santa is laying in the bed.

Christmas Prepositions Worksheets

The next worksheet includes Rudolph the Reindeer as the main character.

Christmas Preposition In On Under of Place Free Printable Worksheets for Kids

Is Rudolph in, on, or under the roof?

The next image shows Rudolph the reindeer standing on the hill.

Continue observing, where Rudolph is in the third frame, to find that he is standing in the snow.

On the next one, he is standing on the road.

The fifth frame shows Rudolph in the box.

And on the last one, he is standing under the tree.

Enjoy learning the prepositions of place in a fun way and solve these Christmas-themed worksheets in no time.

Free Christmas Prepositions Worksheets

Get your free Christmas Prepositions Worksheets here.

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