Winter Count and Clip Card

The winter is just a perfect season for some fun indoor activities, so this time we would love to share a new pack of Winter Count and Clip Card Free Printables for kids and your young students.

Counting can be fun, so let’s gather those clothespins and start marking the numbers.

Winter Count and Clip Card Free Printables

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Ready to start?

Let’s count all up to ten and enjoy learning with the winter-themed clip cards.

Winter Counting Clip Cards

This free pack of winter count and clip card printables includes 3 pages of cards.

There are 10 cards altogether, with numbers all up to 10.

The first four cards include 3 winter hats, 1 Eskimo, 7 ice cubes, and 6 snowy trees.

On the second page, there are 2 green winter scarfs, 5 cute penguins, 10 igloos, and 8 snowmen.

Continue to the third page, where you will find two cards with 4 ice skates, and 9 snowflakes.

To play the game of count and clip cards, you will need some clothespins to mark the answers.

Winter Counting with Clip Cards

Kids need to count how many of same images there are and mark the accurate number with a clothespin.

There are three possible answers, but only one of them is the correct number, so encourage your kids to count the images out loud.

This way they will practice counting each time they get a new card and become better and better at it.

Some kids may be already stronger at subitizing and will know how many pictures they see without counting, which is great!

You can mark the correct answers at the back of each card, so your kids can check their answers when they finish.

We do recommend laminating the cards after you cut them apart for extra durability.

Winter Count and Clip Cards

Get your freeĀ Winter Count and Clip Cards here.

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