Winter Addition Worksheets to 10

Searching for some math worksheets for your young learners? Make counting and adding numbers a fun activity with our new printable pack of Winter Addition Worksheets to 10 for kids.

These free math worksheets will help your kids become masters in addition to ten and help them with their math problems later on.

Free Printable Winter Addition Worksheets to 10 for kids

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Let’s enjoy solving these cool winter counting and adding worksheets by printing the whole pack.

Addition Worksheets to 10

If you need to keep your kids busy, these addition worksheets will surely come in handy during the upcoming winter months.

You will get 6 pages in this free addition to ten pack.

These pages are just perfect for kindergarten and kids in preschool.

Winter Worksheets - Addition to Ten

On the first two pages, kids need to count and sum the images in a row and write down the number at the end of each one.

The goal of this activity is, that kids write the accurate number of those images after they’ve counted them.

There are snowmen, snowflakes, snowy trees, penguins, and ice skates on the first page.

On the second one, kids need to count and sum the images of mittens, snowmen, Eskimos, winter hats, and igloos.

For the next two pages, kids will use their best crayons to mark the exact amount of images by coloring them.

This exercise is a great introduction to ten frames if your kids haven’t work with them yet.

They need to sum up the given numbers and color the correct amount of images.

And on the last two worksheets, you will find ten exercises, where kids need to find the sum of two numbers and circle the right answer.

Winter Addition to 10 Worksheets

Get your free Winter Addition to 10 Worksheets here.

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