Winter Odd One Out Worksheet

Looking for some printable winter tasks for your kiddos? Get ready for some memory skill practice using our new pack of free printable Winter Odd One Out Worksheet.

Visual discrimination skills play an important role in the early childhood development, so let’s make it fun by solving some winter worksheets.

Free Printable Winter Odd One Out Worksheet

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Ready to start?

Find the odd images and strengthen those important skills with ease!

Odd One Out Worksheet

You will get to print 4 winter odd one printables in this pack.

Each page includes 3 rows of images.

There is one image, that is different from the other three images.

Kids need to observe each picture and find out, which one differs from the other ones.

When they find the one that doesn’t fit in the group, they have to put the odd one out by coloring that image with their crayons or markers.

These kinds of exercises are great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

Winter Printables - Odd One

On the first page, your kids will need to find the odd image among 4 snowmen.

They will soon notice, that one snowman doesn’t have branches (its arms) and is not the same as others when they compare it.

In the next row, you will find 4 snowflakes, and in the third row, there are mittens, where one of them is an odd one.

The second page includes 4 snowy trees, penguins, and fish.

And on the last page, you will get winter hats, ice skates, and Eskimos.

Enjoy the winter time and keep on learning the fun way with our pack!

Winter Odd One Out Worksheet for Kids

Get your free Winter Odd One Printables here.

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