Winter Find and Color Word Search Puzzles

Keep your kids busy during this winter with a cool pack of worksheets that we’ve prepared for them. Let’s do some thematic word searches with these free printable Winter Find and Color Word Search Puzzles.

Finding hidden words in a bunch of letters can be tricky, so let’s try out your kid’s skills and color all of the words with your best markers!

Winter Find and Color Word Search Puzzles Free Printable for Kids

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Ready to start?

Print out this free pack and enjoy coloring!

Winter Word Search Puzzles

In this set, you will get 3 different winter find and color words search puzzles.

Kids need to find 6 words that are listed at the bottom of each page.

All of the winter-themed words have a little blank square beside them.

The words go in 3 different directions: horizontal, vertical and in reverse direction.

These worksheets are perfect to upgrade your kid’s vocabulary by getting to know some of the words they maybe haven’t heard yet.

Kids in preschool and kindergarten will love to use their crayons or markers to solve the puzzles, plus the pages will keep them active for some time.

Winter Find and Color Word Search Puzzles

On the first winter seek and find sheet, children need to find the words such as SNOW, DEER, HAT, WINTER, MITTEN, and SCARF.

Continue with the second sheet, where they will be searching for ICE, BOOTS, COAT, IGLOO, SOCKS, and BEAR.

And on the last page, they need to find and color the words ICICLE, PENGUIN, CHILLY, SKI, SHOVEL, and SKATE.

Tell your kids, they can mark the word they’ve found by coloring the little blank square beside that word at the bottom of the page.

They can color the square in the same color as they’ve painted the letters.

Enjoy the chilly season and have fun solving the find and color word puzzles!

Winter Themed Find and Color Word Search Puzzles

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