Prepositions Worksheets

Is it “in”, “on” or “under”? Learning has just become a bit easier with a help of these free printable Prepositions Worksheets for Kids that we prepared.

These simple prepositions exercises will certainly be useful for your preschoolers and kids in kindergarten.

Free Printable Learning Prepositions Worksheets for Kids. A fun way to learn prepositions of place. #freeprintablesforkids #printableworksheetsforkids #freeworksheetsforkids

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Ready to start?

Let’s circle the suitable “in”, “on”, or “under” prepositions of place and have fun solving the free worksheets.

Free Printable Prepositions Worksheets

These types of exercises are great to teach your kids to distinguish between the 3 most common prepositions.

You will get two pages in this prepositions of place worksheets pack.

Each page includes 6 images with 3 different prepositions.

Kids need to observe where the characters are located and circle the correct answer.

On the first page, the cute character is a little mouse standing in different positions.

Prepositions of Place Worksheets for Kids

Kids need to find out if the mouse is standing “in”, “on”, or “under” the umbrella.

On the next five images, this character is standing on a ladder, in a wardrobe, in a cup, on stairs, and under a lamp.

Continue to the second worksheet of prepositions, where the little bunny will keep you company.

The cute bunny is located in a box, under the bed, under the tree, on a table, in the basket, and on a bench.

Prepositions In On Under Worksheets for Kids

Encourage your kids to think and talk also about the prepositions, that aren’t correct in each frame.

This way they can strengthen their knowledge more and even explain, where the characters should be if their answers were different.

Let’s print out these two pages of prepositions and enjoy learning the fun way with them!

Prepositions of Place Worksheets for Kids

Get your free Prepositions of Place Worksheets here.

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