CVC Rhyming Worksheets

It’s time to boost your reading skills with our free printable CVC rhyming worksheets. These CVC worksheets are designed to make learning to read a fun and stress-free experience for young learners. By focusing on Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) word patterns, these activities help children recognize rhymes and improve their phonemic awareness.

Perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers, these printables are an excellent resource for enhancing early literacy at home or in the classroom. Grab your pencils and get ready to rhyme your way to reading success!

CVC Rhyming Worksheets

CVC Rhyming Worksheets

Here is a preview of all the worksheets included and you can grab the PDF at the end of this article.

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CVC Rhyming Worksheets-001

Find what words rhyme with “lab”.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-002

CVC word family -ad worksheet.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-003

Color the CVC words from the -ag family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-004

Rhyming CVC words for the word ram.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-005

Phonics skills worksheet for the rhymes of pan.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-006

CVC -ap word family printable.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-007

Find the rhyming CVC words for -a a family with a cat.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-008

What rhymes with “bed”?

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-009

Have kids find the rhyming words for the -eg family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-010

Printable CVC words worksheet for -en words.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-011

Practice CVC words -et family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-012

What rhymes with “bib”?

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-014

CVC words worksheet -ig family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-013

Find the rhyming words for the word kid.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-015

What words rhyme with “rim”?

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-016

CVC words activity with rhymes in the -in family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-017

Color the words that rhyme with -ip – words family practice.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-018

Rhyming words worksheet for the word kit.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-019

Color the words – CVC -ob family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-020

Have kids find the words that rhyme with “dog”.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-021

Find and color the CVC words that rhyme with mop.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-022

CVC family worksheet for the -ot.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-023

UB word family practice.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-025

Find the -ug family words.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-024

Find all the CVC -ud words.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-026

CVC practice for kids for the -um family.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-027

Rhyming worksheet for kids – CVC words in thee -um.

CVC Rhyming Worksheets-028

Find the rhyming words in the -ut family and color them.

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