CVC Word Match Worksheets

Boost your child’s reading skills with our free printable CVC word match worksheets. These worksheets focus on Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words, taking kids to draw a line between a picture representing the CVC word and a written word.

This set is perfect to use with kids who are just starting to learn about consonant-vowel-consonant words as the exercises included are easy to solve and are stress free.

CVC Word Match Worksheets

Free Printable CVC Word Match Worksheets

Kids are tasked to match words to their corresponding pictures. This will help them enhance their phonics skills and reading skills.

Need more consonant-vowel-consonant practice for your students and kids? We have plenty more worksheets available and here are just a few that will make learning easier for your students.

This set of practice sheets includes 10 worksheets, which will give your students a lot of practice and build their confidence. You can grab the whole set of these for free at the end of this article.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-002

Match the pictures with CVC words.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-001

CVC word match worksheet.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-003

I can read and match CVC words.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-005

CVC matching printable.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-004

CVC picture to word matching worksheet.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-006

Read and match CVC words.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-007

CVC words matching worksheet.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-008

Match the pictures to correct CVC words.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-009

Find the pairs and draw a line to match the pictures to CVC words.

CVC Word Match Worksheets-010

CVC word match for kindergarten.