Enchanted Preschool Printables

If you’ve got a preschooler at home eager for some fun learning you’re going to love this collection of enchanted preschool printables.

This time around I’m sharing a collection of preschool printable a little bit differently. Usually when I make a post like this one I include free printable packs from many different talented bloggers, but this time they all come from Jill from the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom who’s currently having some health issues and a bunch of bloggers (you can find their awesome posts at the end of this one) decided to send her some love and get well wishes by sharing her amazing content!

1. We’ll start of with an adorable preschool forest pack which has over 30 pages!

2. Next on the list is this sweet farm animals pack – again with over 30 wonderful learning pages!

3. To extend the learning fun with farm animals also grab these farm animals play dough mats.

4. You can also explore colors with play dough mats.

5. Or learn the numbers!

6. Let’s get back to learning preschool packs – this “swimmy” pack is a must have!

7. Why not learn something about weather too?

8. If your little one loves sports they are going to enjoy this football “math” pack!

9. Or these count and clip cards!

10. Last but not least also check this sweet caterpillar pack!

Preschool Printables